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February 25th, 2011

02:52 pm - some sort of date that has been upped.
I haven't posted on LJ in about a year. I guess a bunch of my friends have been wandering towards other blogs and social networking areas, and I've been distracted. I don't do near as much telling people online what I'm up to these days, for a wide variety of reasons, including the fact I'm keeping a private sketch diary, intended for eventual publication some 50 years hence when I'm inordinately famous and people want to know what I've been up to.

How will Twitter and Facebook change the content of biographies in the future? Discuss.

I've been drawing lots of Pirate Penguin comics for Top Shelf, and then doing some Doctor Who and Discworld fan art. Remodeling our apartment area with my girlfriend, planning all sorts of eventual projects, doing book signings, eating curry... thus is my life.

I went to England last year, and San Francisco last week. They were both pretty enjoyable locales for the likes of me to inhabit.

La la la.

Merry Fishmas!


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March 3rd, 2010

09:54 am - beginning of marchishments
Well! Some of the things I was complaining about Last time (2 months ago, sorry internets, I distracted) have done a sort of about face, while the things happening to me I was enjoying just keep on trucking! Yay me! Those of you with less than entirely satisfactory existances, just remember, it is annoying having wo wake up early to go parasailing with movie stars : )

Since we spoke last, I saw the Simulcast Terry Pratchett play 'Nation' which was very enjoyable indeed. I was planning on doing a big writeup about it, but then lazyness struck. The islander characters were african rather than pacific islander, and the main character boy was about 22 rather than 12, but other than that, it all worked, being combolated around to be in play form. Awesome animal puppets, and even a musical number!

Next, I went to Tucson, AZ for a week, it's the beading time of the year again, and every jewelry head in the universe descends on that deserty state, I went to help my mom, and hangout and drive peoples all around.

finished my animation class, here is my slightly too fastly timed result:

I'm keeping on trucking on my various books, I'm doing Pirate Penguin vs Ninja Chicken for Topshelf next year, but in the mean time, I'm trying to get an original raymondy one out before the LA Times Festival of Books in april (the higest acclumpulation of my fans go there, not having new things is no fun for anybody) -- it's going to be in black and white, for time and money reasons. 'Cheese' my first book is in BW, and has always been my #1 seller, so I don't think it will affect sales toooo much, It's just as funny as always.

And saving the best for last, you know all those romantic whinings of mine? COUNTERMANDED! I have an awesome new girlfriend, Michelle! We met over the interwebs, I still find that a useful spot for looking for people with similar interests, but confined myself to people in driving distance this time, and bonked right into this awesome gal! We chatted for a couple weeks, and actually had our first date on valentines day (we went to the Time Travel store, I'm so romantic : ) and have been pretty much inseperable ever since. We just got back from the Doctor Who convention in LA, where do to 'bad luck for my friend good luck for me' I had an extra ticket handy for her. I'll do a full writeup on that later, for one thing, I'm still trying to accumulate some of the pictures, which were taken of me on other people's phones.

Currently, I'm writing this in my bed on the laptop, I've had a pretty annoying sore throat the past couple of days, I blame karaoke. (although my rendition of King Tut knocked everybody's socks off! I assume!)

Talk to you later internets!
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January 20th, 2010

12:58 am - Middle of the Januarishments
Just thought I'd give ya'll an insight into my life at the moment, really only because I find it therapeutic to do so. Reflecting on my triumphs, and reminding myself how good I have it, that sort of thing.

Careerwise, I continue to be as creative as I could possibly hope, writing and drawing pretty much all the time, and cracking myself up like crazy. The animation company I was talking to about my more adult-oriented sitcom ended up saying no ("We love it, except for the fact that it's science fiction!) so I'm trying to figure out what I want to do next with that concept (all of my experiences in hollywoodland have been anticlimactic, that's not to say I'm going to keep pushing, but that's pressed the pause button for now)

But in a much more excitingfulway, Topshelf Comics really likes my Pirate Penguin Vs. Ninja Chicken comics, and have sent me a contract to do a trilogy of books for them. Yay! An actual publishing company that knows how to promote things! I am thoroughly optimistic. I've got the first installment pretty well flushed out, not we just do the legal mumbo jumbo, and then all the drawing, and my next year a book will occur!

Also, it looks like I'm going to be doing some official artwork for my favorite author and the prints section of his website, I knocked his assistant's socks off with my sample artwork (he litterally did a spittake and soaked his laptop in coffee) so boo to the yah there.

I was also in one of my favorite comic book shops the other day, and Portlyn, the co-owner, told me a cute little story about a little kid who came in the store the other day, and she was trying to help him find a book. "what kind of comics do you like?" she inquired, and in an adorable whisper, I kid you not, he told her 'the ones that Ray Friesen writes.'

Maaaaan, I love the thought that, barring something horrible and unforseen, my life is going to contain more and more things like this the more I go along. I need that to pick me up when I'm down, you know? Which is more often then I'd care to admit, despite the fact I am admitting to it as we speak. Or rather, I speak, and you listen. If there is a you that is, I may just be putting more words into the internet word-vacuum.

On the social life front, while I can't really say that anything all that dramatic and exciting is happening, things are percolating. I'm trying very hard to get Out ThereTM and be socialish, and while it's not my forte, I've done far more hanging out with Acutal People I Know and Making New Acquaintances than usual, so that makes me feel accomplished. Dinner with old friends, lunch with new ones, some animation and art classes... Yeah. We'll see what happens there. Nice though it is, it's not good for one's sanity to have all your friends live inside the internets. You need people to go dancing with and spill chocolate on.

I've only really felt for a proper adult for about 3 years now, and in that regard, 2008 was wonderful, 2009 was miserable, and 2010 is looking promising. How does everyone else pretend to be a human so easily?

I've got an awful lot of drawing to do in the next couple months, and I'd ideally like to up my website ante from 'mostly weekly' to 'mostly daily' -- all that and a social life wanted too. I better start training myself to need less than 10 hours of sleep a day...

Also, I have become addicted to online risk. Also also, it snowed today, and totally fouled up all of my plans. Ah well.

Further bulletins as events warrant.
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December 30th, 2009

11:45 pm - End of the Yearishments.

Woah, doesn't that sound like the future? More so than usual, I mean. I haven't felt this much in need of a jetpack since it turned two thousand (this is the first decade I've been entirely conscious of, my memory kicks in around 1993, a combination of my sister being born and the dinosaurs of jurassic park)

I thought I'd do one of those cliche, look back on the past year, look forward to the next year sorta blog posts.

What a pile of epic times 2009 has been!

This year has been the up and downiest year I've ever had, my goodness!

Career wise, it's been fairly positive. I had a new book come out in February, 'Cupcakes of Doom' and it has sold pretty well. Paid off it's own print run costs, as well as the printing costs of the previous book, 'Another Dirt Sandwich' which debuted the year before, right when the economy collapsed, and sold very poorly.

I also came up with two new sets of concepts and characters, that I think are going to be very contributing factors in me being famous. One of which is still a secret mystery to you, SHH! But the other I'm hoping you're familiar with: Pirate Penguin vs Ninja Chicken!

I created them originally intended for Nickelodeon Magazine, I had been in chats with one of their comic editors, Chris, for a number of years. He always had always liked my work, but kept saying "It's too complicated. Come up with something simple, not too many characters, and you're a shoe-in!"
And so I mused for a bit, and came up with something very simple and very me. I have drawn penguins my whole life, they're sorta my thing (way before the modern day penguin explosion happened, sure there were penguin characters before me, but I still feel I kinda pushed them into their present day popularity. We'll never know I suppose.)

I've also been drawing pirates for a while, I find myself in sympathy with their sense of flamboyance. I combined the two (something that should have occurred to me years ago, and BING! I had my most iconic character ever! Then I threw in a Ninja Chicken, cuz it seemed like the thing to do.

I was originally going for a very 'spy vs spy' sorta feel, but my love of dialogue and bickering reared it's head, and, well, if you're familiar with the comic, that's all you need to know really.

I showed them to Chris, he liked them very much. they work months ahead of the game, so it looked quite thumbs up they'd be in the November issue. Hooray!

And then, 3 days later, Viacom announced that they were shutting down Nickelodeon Magazine. Chris himself found out via the press release. Hooroors! Talk about bad luck/timing/arglebargle.

This is where the roller coaster, uppedy downedy fashion of the year comes into play.

I've been doing my own thing with the characters, we'll see what happens next. We got plush toys made, that is such a cool feeling, seeing cartoons you invented made real.

Well, there's my career in a nutshell for you! The other big area of my life would be my personal life, and so, here it is.

In February, in Hawaii, on and around valentines day, I broke up with my first and only long time, long distance girlfriend. That kind of sucked, kinda really sucked.

Little things were causing the relationship to turn sour. We didn't see eye to eye on a couple very important issues, and I felt like the only way we could be happy was if one of us got some kind of personality transplant. That isn't fair to anybody. Plus, with a long distance relationship, waiting 6 months to hug and kiss a person is hard. It's better than nothing, certainly, which is pretty much what I've had since, but, there you are.

I've got some regrets, a good chunk of guilt, and I certainly miss her, and the thoughts of what I thought our life would be like together, I think ultimately I made the right choice. It's better to be lonely that with the wrong person. She's moved on (annoyingly, found an awesome new boyfriend who lives right nearby. I don't begrudge her finding a source of comfort, but I can't claim not to be jealous I haven't been able to find similar.)
I'm ready to move on. Actively trying to find new friends and social groups, hopefully meet some new people.

Anybody reading this who wants to hook me up with any of their friends, feel free : ) I promise to be charming and wonderful, as you well know.

And that is the end of my complaining about this subject. I've been talking about it rather endlessly, to pretty much anyone who'd listen. And since most of you reading this are friends of mine, I promise you've heard the last of it from me. I fear becoming 2 dimensional, and being 'complaining about his ex-guy' is certainly incredibly boring. Forgive me, and thank you for the loan of your shoulder.

This has been hard, one of the most painful things that has ever happened to me, but I think I'm over the worst of it. You're all awesome.

I really have made a ton of friends this year, more so than in any year before. I've made probably a dozen good friends. Sadly, the nearest is 2 hours away from me, but then, that's what the internet is for, keeping in touch. I got more christmas cards this year than my parents, it was awesome. You all know who you are, and I give you many many hugs, you have a great taste in friends to be friends with me (hee hee hee. My ego is second to none you know!)

Also this year, I got to meet Terry Pratchett, my favorite author that was pretty darn cool. Had a great time at the Discworld Convention in September, as well as hanging around at a bunch of various book shows and cool colleagues in June at 3 different shows (thanks for letting me stay at your house cool people who let me stay at your houses!)

I also acquired a shiny gold suit, a number of new houses, visited the way cool Kaedy (whom I met at discworld) at the largest Ren Faire in the world, and even got a haircut at the haircut store.

I also did some other things, but I forget what they were. I'll have to make up a bunch of cool stuff when I write my autobiology.

Anything else I need to say? Can't think of it. Anybody interested in more about me, just ask. I'll make up some sort of answer that sounds good.

Here's to a fantastic 2010! 2009 was an odd one, that's for sure. Here's hoping the world doesn't fall apart more so than usual, I got stuff to do, and I need a society to do it in.



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December 15th, 2009

05:28 pm - Squirrel Nut Zippers
Hi Internet!

I have an extra ticket to see the Squirrel Nut Zippers (a swing band) perform in LA, on Friday, January First (New Years Day 2010) 8:00 pm at the El Rey theater -- my one friend who was originally coming with now can't make it, and I don't have any other friends who like this band.

Anybody here live in LA area and wanna seeyum? Ticket costs $30, so you'd have to pony up a bit of money. If you're on my way, I can maybe even pick you up, cool person that I am.

Let me know!

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December 12th, 2009

09:11 pm - Steampunkery Christmastravaganza!
Hi Peoples! I've writtened a new childrens book holiday classic of wonderfulness (if I do say so myself) called "The Counterfeit Miracle: Professor Contraption's Steampunkery Christmastravaganza" -- It's awesome! Even more so considering I just made the whole thing up as I went along.

Steampunk Christmas by ~raisegrate on deviantART

Go read it! There's a 5 page preview on http://www.Steampunkery.net and then you can pay $4.95 to download the whole ebook. Merry Fishmas!

Steampunkery Xmas Page 1 by ~raisegrate on deviantART

Also! hadn't shared a Pirate Penguin comic in an awfully long while, so I thought I would give that another go.

Pirate Penguin Fluffy Fracas 1 by ~raisegrate on deviantART

Did you know they now have a fan club on Facebook? You should go join! http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?topic=13986&uid=192948834219#/group.php?gid=192948834219&ref=nf

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November 17th, 2009

11:10 pm - The Amazing Story of Some Random Things I Made Up
As a Professional Creative-Type, I feel that it is my duty, when a friend says that they're bored, to deboredify them. Here is the slightly edited transcript of a facebook-chat I had with the lovely Kaedy, in which I feel I was incredibly amusing.

~~~~The Wiggy Adventures of Foppy Le Fop, Toupee Connoisseur and All-Around Swell Guy~~~~

Once upon a time, in the outlandish land of Franceylvania, there was a main-character named Foppy.

Foppy was a theatrical type, an actor in the local opera. He never played any major parts, but he did get to stand near the back of the stage, looking handsomeish, so he obviously needed to look his best.

Yes, he was dressed to the nines: (maybe even the tens): A big pinstriped green overcoat, with epaualets, a fancy sword that clanked when he walked, A belt buckle as big as a Very Big Belt Buckle, and shoes as deep as the ocean and as wide as the sea and as blue as some sort of blue thing.

To complete the ensemble, Foppy had a secret shame. Foppy, was... going... BALD.

Oh sure, he still had SOME hair, but it floofed out nearby his ears, hid inside his nose, and lurked in a number of other regions he'd prefer not to mention. But not a whisp of it upon the tippedy toppedy of his headiddy weaddidy!

In his youth, Foppy had had a luxurious Pompadour Haircut, that made all the ladies swoon, and all the menfolk challenge him to duels. "Leave it a little longer" he would always tell his barber, to the chuckling amusement of all the Haircut Store's Patrons. (except the barber, who was fed up with hair in general, and Foppy in partiular, him and all his rotten jokes. The barber had never wanted to be a barber anyway, he always wanted to be a lumberjack, but that is a seperate story all together)

(The barber had been rubbing Secret De-Hairifying Potion onto Foppy's scalp for years, in his attempts at revenge. Not while Foppy was in the chair, no. The barber snuck into Foppy's house, every alternate thursday like clockwork, and gave him a shampoo of doom. but that isn't really important, as the potion didn't actually work, and Foppy was losing his hair because of Genetics)

So anyway! Foppy had bought a wig to cover his bald patch the instant he had discovered he had a bald patch, and as his baldiddity increased, so did the size of the toupees.
Eventually he was on a '3 wigs a day' habit, and was spending 112% of his income on the silly hairy things. It worked though, no one in the audience could tell he had a faux-pompadour

But then: Problems occurred.

The barber, in his crazy madmannishness, had snuck into Foppy's house last night, and, losing the last vestiges of his sanity, decided to kidnap all of Foppy's wigs, and hold them for ransom. The money would pay off his outstanding barber college debt, and anything left over would go towards buying him a plane ticket to Tropicanada, and some flannel jackets. Foppy awoke to find himself totally bald, bereft of wigs, and with a stirring two-line monologue that very evening.


Foppy's first course of business (well, 5th course of business if you counted showering, dressing, breakfasting, and newspaper-reading as courses of businessessess.) was to leap into action! He visited his local wiggatorium: Wiggy Von Wiggtenstines Wigs for People Who Needs Wigs, on 61 W. Topiary Street, in the downtown Wig District.

Wiggy was in no mood for Foppy's shenanigans "Why should I sell you another Wig?" Wiggy demanded "when you owe me 14.7 Million dollars for the 14.6 Million other wigs you have bought from me over the past 2 months?

Foppy pondered this for several long hours, "Because of my charming smile?" He inquired, smiling charmingly. Foppy was thrown unceremoniously out of the Wiggatorium. "FINE! Be that way!" Foppy screeched, shaking his fist in a fist shaking sort of way. Although, seeing as how he was lying face down in the street with a face full of mud, this wasn't nearly as dramatic as he had hoped.


PART 2: The Secondiest of All Parts!

Foppy wandered the city, downcast, balding, and whistling oddly through his thicket of nose hair "Oh Woe Is Me, I am So Sad" he announced to a passing pigeon.
(Foppy's brain didn't write very good dialogue.)

But Just then, a suprising plot twist occurred, as Foppy ran into the Hero of the Story walking down the street. or should I say, HEROINE of the story, seeing as how it was Kaedy, Seamstress and Wigmaster Extraordinaire TM! Kaedy, using her strength powers of strength, was single handedly lugging 14.6 Million wigs down the boulevard, all wrapped up in a big bundle. A kindly passing madman, (possibly a barber giving up on his black mail goals upon discovering he was illiterate and couldn't write a ransom note to save his life) had donated them at her, knowing she could use that sort of thing. (The mad barberjack was a friend of her fathers, who got his hair cut at his haircutatorium)

"scuse me, miss," said Foppy, in his best fancy-pants accent (which was secretly terrible). "Would you mind donating one of those there wigs to the 'people who don't have enough wigs foundation? I am not only it's president and founder, but I am also a member."

"Hmmmmmmmmmm..." deliberated Kaedy, (who was both Magnanimous and Wise, in addition to Beautiful and Crazy-Ass-Strong) Okay Mystery Muddy -Person! Reach into the pile, pull out a wig, and it is yours. But choose at random Very Carefully, as you may only have one, and are stuck with your choice, FOREVER.

"Okey Dokey" Foppy replied, placing a hand over his eyes, and sticking out his tongue in concentration, he thrust his arm up to the elbow into the pile of hair, and pulled out the winning wig!

It was very tiny.

In fact, it bore a remarkable resemblance to the very first wig he had ever bought, to cover his miniscule beginnings of a bald patch. Foppy had a good deal more nose hair even than this wig.

Kaedy nodded. "You have made your choice, good day to you Mr. Sir! I must be off, for I am late and sleep deprived, and must visit the Gummi-Bear-atorium, as well as the Chocolate Factory before I reach my final destination." And, with that, she tossed the ball of wigs high into the air and down the street, then ran crazy fast to the opposite end, catching it, and then continuing to run in this fashion till she was out of sight.

Foppy looked at the item clutched in his hand sadly, and dramatically announced "Alas Poor Pompadour, We Hardly Knew Ye." He rammed the hair upon his head, feeling stupid, but looking stupider. "$#!%" he grumbled, slounching down the street.


PART 3: The Last, Rather Short Part

So: Foppy got to the theater, lurked in the green room for a while, ate a few patés and a sipped a few half dozen bottles of wine. The Curtain went up, and the show, onwards must go. He trundled out on stage, accidentally tripping over a passing cat, and sprawled into the front row. The audience laughed like crazy.

"Hark!" Foppy announced, begginning the first of his two stunning Monologuettes. "Methinks I dost yonder-hear his majestrate, the Prince Duke of the Kingdom-shire, approachingeth!" he cupped his hand to his ear melodramatically, and then sneezed, causing his toupee to fly off and land on the nose of the lady playing The Duchess of Potato-Land, giving her a very moustachish appearance. The audience howled.

Foppy continued to have horrible luck, and screwed up the lines of the play at nearly ever turn.

Frinstance: During the famous Smooching scene between the 17 star crossed lovers, Foppy managed to accidentally knock the Prince-Duke unconscious, and had to ad lib furiously to cover this up, changing the plot in rather substantial ways. For instance, instead of the opera ending with half the characters dying from ear poison, the comedy relief being sucked into a black hole, and the Duchess vowing to murder everyone with a green jacket, the play now finished with all 17 characters married to each other, and everyone living happily ever after.

The Opera ended with 17 curtain calls. The author of the play, the Marquis De Cleveré-Trousare himself personally presented Foppy with a boquet of puppies, weeping that the Improvised Play was a thousand times better than anything he could have come up with, and that he secretly found endings very hard to write anyway.

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October 10th, 2009

I am fabulous!

Of course you allready knew that, so I come bearing proof.

Having a lovely day off at home, reading my new terry pratchett book, and occassionally couging from this blarsted cold.


Haven't done any shopping, just had a small pile of random junk in the fridgerator. and I assembled them into the Best Sandwiches and Drinks of ALL TIME! Necessity is the mother of invention, and onions are the crazy uncle of the culinaristas.

The Sandwich is called 'The Mad Scramble' and the drink, which is mildly alchoholic is called 'Random Mystery Drink'

Recipe Time:

chop up some red onions, and fry them untill they taste good, then add mrs dash and paprika (always add those to everything anyway) as well as whatever asian sauces you have, including teriyaki, general tsaus, and soy. Mix and cookify untill they're kinda carmalizey.

Next, cook up some sausages, and boiled eggs. PROPERLY. Chop them up into bits and add them to the onion wad. Also chop up a whole bunch of cheese cubes and cook them all up in a cookable fashion, untill you have a finely ground wad of stuff. Toast some sour dough bread, apply mayonaise and tomatoes, then put the filler inside the sandwhiches. Eat, with potatoe chips. You can put the chips inside the sandwich if you so wish for a bit of crunch.


When you make it, make sure you thank me after every bite.


Mix up cider, gingerale, a bit of beer, and a few dashes of other mystery alcohol you may have on hand. Apply ice. Drink slightly less than the amount that would give you a head ache.

Soooooooooo delightfully full.

I have to go now, obtain some post munch chocolate, and keep reading unseen academicals. Peace out! Or up! Or whatever direction you wish to peace.

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September 29th, 2009

11:10 am - Stuff and Also Things
So here's what happened to me over the last 2 weeks. Ready? ADVENTURES!

Thursday, the 17th: Mr Birthday. I am now officially 22. Yay. It didn't top last year's birthday, or the one when I was 8 years old, but it was pretty darn good.

Friday, the 18th: Not a whole heckuva lot.

Saturday, the 19th: International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Yarg! Had a book signing in Ventura, they threw me a pirate party, and lots of people showed up dressed as pirates. Fun times had by all. Afterwards, I ate at a nice japanese restaurant, while reading comical books. Wanted to go a little further up the coast to Ojai to their big Pirate Fair, but decided it was too late in the day.

Sunday, the 20th: Wanted to go to the LA Lobster festival, but didn't for stupid reasons I no longer recall.

Monday the 21st; Picked mum up from the airport, got super bonus birthday presents, including a Napoleon Hat (something I've wanted for AGES!) Bacon mints, and an electronic yodeling pickle (something I didn't know existed prior, but still have been wanting for ages, retroactively)

Tuesday the 22nd: I was asked to be a part of a 2 day book festival at the Barnes & Noble in Woodland Hills, CA. So to save on driving, I arranged to crash at my friend Ben's house, which is relatively nearby. The book fair was fine, except for the fact that nobody showed up. I totally sold books to the 5 kids that did however. My two favorite stories that occurred were: A. a kid who was sitting in the store reading my book, his mom told him it was time to go. He didn't want to stop reading. Mom said they really had to go. Kid said he was going to finish this book, so if mom wanted to leave, she would have to buy it for him, otherwise he's staying here and skipping the silly birthday party. (awesome!) #2: kid was looking all over the store for some different book he really wanted, couldn't find it. Mom had told him he was allowed to buy one book, and since his wasn't available, he would get mine instead. As I'm autographing it for him, mom goes 'Oh wait, here's the book you were looking for!" so now he has a signed copy of my book, and the one he really wanted. He makes a big 'Dilemma!' face, and mom says 'allright, you can buy TWO books." he says yay! and off they trundle away. ONE HOUR LATER: He comes back, saying he decided not to get that other book, and with his 'you get two books' he decided to make the other book also be a book of mine, autograph please!"


Then I went to Ben's house, we bought dinner whilst wearing silly hats to see if anyone would notice. Played Beatles RockBand quietly (his folks were asleep in the other room) decided that rocking out is no fun whilst whispering.

In the morning, I discovered they do street cleaning and my car had gotten a ticket. RAGE.

Day 2 of the book fair, mostly spent it flirting and doodling pictures with the girl who sells the DVDs. One of those friendly goth types, that was fun, as I get so few opportunities to do so (chat with women who think I'm fun, that is, I get chances to doodle ALL THE BLOODY TIME.)

Thursday the 24th. Not Much.

Friday: began doing the layout for a big new book graphic design project I'm working on, that I can't show anybody and will be out in a year. But rest assured, it looks really really cool.

Saturday: Friend of the Family Felicia's Wedding. They had a silly wedding, with dancing down the aisle, humorous vows, and a guy taking pictures accidentally falling down and hurting himself and people nearby. Wore my matrimonial tophat and bowtie. Afterwards, went to the indian restaurant that I LOVE SO VERY VERY MUCH for dinner, and ate far too much. I love the television in there, it's even more interesting for not knowing what's going on. Watched the best music video EVER (trying to track it down on youtube whilst not knowing what it's called.) Remind me to tell you about my favorite Indian sitcom TV show Boscar (bauskhar? SP.) someday, it's AWESOME. Especially the description of it I made up since I don't actually know what it's about.

Sunday: Went down to LA with my fambly members (all jammed into a tiny car together, bleg.) for to see several things! We had tickets to 'An Evening Without Monty Python' -- Eric Idle's latest attempt to cash in on Monty Python's 40th anniversary. Cast included Alan Tudyk, Jane Leeves (Hank Azaria was supposed to be there but then wasn't) and some other way talented people doing a bunch of classic python sketches, in a humor extravaganza. Laughed my arse off, it was glorious. They ran through the audience for a fair swath of 'Mr SmokesTooMuch complains about traveling" and so got to see everybody way up close (jane's behind in particular, as they swangled right in front of me) pushing thru the audience members and yelling. One of the company was a splendid Michael Palin imersonator, I must remember him for if I ever need a faux MP. Jane played all the parts that involved having a moustache and shouting. Alan played most of the Pepperpot roles.It was unequivocally great. It's playing another week in LA, and then in New York. GO AND SEE IT IF AT ALL POSSIBLE. Wish I had taken pictures. Plus, it was at the Ricardo Montalbon theater, which is epic win.

THEN we went to universal city walk, to eat at the hardrock cafe (this one didn't have nearly enough Beatles memorabilia if you ask me.) and go see a concert afterwards (chickenfeet was playing this same day, and Dad is a big fan, who doesn't like going to concerts alone. 3 hours of loudness if you ask my uncultured opinion, but everyone else seemed to enjoy it. I mostly waited for it to be over, and enjoyed texting messages to the thingy that makes them appear on screen. Interactive concerts hurray! Most of the other people texted about how drunk they were, or wether anyone could hook them up with backstage passes.)

But inbetween eating and the concert, we saw Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs in 3D (it was a great movie. Seems like the sort of thing I would create, and coming from an ego as ridiculously large as mine, I consider that high praise indeed.) and also wandered around the city walk, where I bought a splendiferious fake moustache.

That is all.
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September 15th, 2009

01:23 pm - Discworld Con

Bet you guys have been wondering what I've been up to since you saw me last, eh? Me too! Allow me to answer myself so I can know what I'm talking about and write up my findings, present them to myself, and agree.


Here goes:

Really, all that's happened of any note, was I visited Tempe Arizona, for the Inauguaral North American Discworld con, where I had a fabulously funderful good time!

Got several run ins with my favorite living author, Terry Pratchett, including performing an impromptu monty python sketch while waiting for autographs (crucifixtion? Good!) performing an impromptu beatles duet while in the bathroom at the coincedental same time, making him laugh uproariously while performing my costumed sketch in the maskerade

There I am dressed up as Moist Von Lipwig and being all shiney.

I also had some discworld art of mine displayed in the art gallery room, and when Pterry was wandering around it, one of the art minions hurredly rushed out and found me so I could come and schmooze. We chatted about the sydney opera house, australia, music, gardeing, and a bunch of random things for about 10 minutes. Jolly good fun.

I also bought some cool stuff, and made a number of new friends, including the other guy who spent the con dressed as the same person I was (at first I figured we'd be nemesies, but it turned out he was cool. How could he not be, being a fan of the same book as me?) Also the Staff Artist Jon, and watch member Kaedy.

BUnches of other cool people too, whose names elude me, and mini stories and adventures that I'm not quite going to list.

Moist Von Discworld by ~raisegrate on deviantART

I've never liked beer much, but Guiness mixed with Cider in an irish pub with irish chips is pretty darn good.

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